Logic Disposable e-Cig Review

The Logic Disposable e-Cig (Menthol) was the first e-Cig I ever tried. I purchased the e-Cig from a convenience store on the advice of the clerk. I was originally going to try the NJoy e-Cig, which I later tried, but the clerk insisted I spend the extra $2 for the Logic because it tasted better and produced more vapor than the NJoy e-Cig. I was not disappointed in the Logic e-Cig and, thanks to that clerk; I quit smoking after the very first drag.

Do I still use the Logic Disposable e-Cig – not for everyday use, but I always keep a disposable handy just in case – keep reading to find out why you should never be without a disposable e-Cig.

Getting Started with Logic Disposable e-Cig

Assembling the Logic Disposable e-Cig couldn’t be easier. You pull out the battery portion of the unit (the long black pen-like part) and the virtual filter. The filter is where the atomizer and nicotine is located. Remove all protective caps and screw the filter onto the battery and VOILA – you’re ready to vape with your Logic Disposable e-Cig.

How Long Does one Logic Disposable e-Cig Last?

The package reads 400+ puffs, but that is not as many as you’d like it to bed. You will vape more than you’d normally smoke so expect one Logic Disposable to last about 24 hours. I made sure to purchase another two disposable units just 12 hours after buying my Logic because I didn’t want to run out. As soon as I returned home – my Logic was spent.

Is Logic Disposable e-Cig Worth the $10?

I spent $9.99 plus tax on my Logic e-Cig and it was worth every penny. I always keep a disposable e-Cig with me at all times because I have no idea when my battery on my rechargeable unit is going to act nutsy. I have tried NJoy Disposable and Logic Disposable so far and both work for that quick hit when my battery is charging, however, the Logic is my favorite.


  1. I had an expensive run with Logic. Both in the product it's self and with time spent communicating with the company. Aside the fact that you can not buy them everywhere (one or 2 gas stations within many miles and a smoke shop here or there) THAT, will leave you stranded when you open your last one, pull the ridiculous plastic off the vapor part, then pull the other 2 plastic caps off of that and assemble it (not something to do when you are driving because it is not a quick process) AND THEN find it doesn't work because the element or battery is bad or it tastes like you are inhaling nail polish remover. I would say, 3 out of 10 don't work past five drags, 1 out of 10 tastes like polish remover or battery acid, and 2 out of 10 are completely dead after opening the package. While the company states they stand behind their product, and they had sent me a couple replacements, the place where you buy them WILL NOT. They go through a distributor and stores tell you, unless you open the package in front of them and they see it doesn't work, they will not replace them because the distributors don't want to get involved with that. Kind of hard to do when you buy 8 to 10 at a time (@ $9.99 an piece)
    While the inhale is strong and most real compared to a cigarette, it is sad they can not make a consistent product. It always seems when I have one left, I assemble it, it doesn't work, and after stopping at 15 7-11's or gas stations on road trips, they don't have them. The company has since made false promises to me and decided to ignore my last "feed back" email. For all of you smokers that can afford to purchase "hit or miss" electronic cigarettes that may or may not last longer than a half hour or may or may not taste like the last one you assembled, I suggest trying Clearette. No assembly required, no packaging to try to tear through, every cigarette tastes the same and lasts ALOT longer and is not black and heavy. A light weight, white electronic cigarette that I will continue to buy and support, that in 2 weeks, and 20 items purchased, have not had one single issue with. Believe me, I have tried them all, and finally found an alternative to Logic (or lack there of)

  2. Logic is good. I did have one bad disposable. The Clerk was hesitant to replace it but I told him to remember I am a good customer who buys a lot of his mdse. He finally swapped it for me.

    I then went to the local smokeshop and got the logic rechargable kits. I got 2 so i could have 2 usb chargers and 2 batteries. No trouble at all.
    Kits were 21 bux with to carts and a battery and a chaarger. Replacement carts were 21 bux for five carts. 4 bux a cart is ok. Also, if you use disposable Logics, save the carts when the battery goes down. They will give you an additional bunch of puffs on the rechargeable logic kit battery.

  3. I think it's a good idea, but, for me, they're just a fad, a novelty.

  4. “one of the lower priced e cigarettes on the market, making it a good choice for those who are on a budget here.”Each disposable is equal to 80 to 100 puffs or approximately 1 and half packs of cigarettes.

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  5. Mr. Ecig:
    You think 100 puffs for 10 bux is a deal?
    Do The Math. Each reg. cig gives 10 puffs.
    You are saying at 100 puffs for one disposable you get the equivalent to 10 cigarettes, or 1 half of a pack for 10 bux...
    Sorry pal that is not a deal...but I do know that with the rechargable kits the refill carts give 400 puffs each or 2 full packs each and 5 carts only cost 21 dollars. 2.10 for a whole pack rather than your 10 bux for a half of a pack.
    Over and Out.
    Ron Ernie

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  7. just got a logic they are fantastic I really like it they produce a lot of vapor compared to all the others I have tried

  8. i purchased the disposable one first wehn it ran out of battery i decided to buy the rechargable one when nad it works fantati. on the website it says taht you cant charge the disposable one but i still tried anyways and its still works idk y they say u cant charge it but it did charge so i have a chargable one a nd the disposable one and it both works teh same im happy with it

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  10. I had just started using logic an I love it...not only was it inexpensive but taste like a real complaints as of now an I'm on day 2 :-)

  11. Long lasting battery...and you CAN recharge the 2 piece disposables!!! I took them both apart and the batteries are the same. Save all empty carts and Google the refill juice. Keep vaping and enjoy the clean air...

  12. lots of mixed reveiws out there. i bought the cartriggaes thinking they would fit my "21 century" since "21 century" is speedway brand and theres no speedway to walk to now. the carts didnt fit obviously, and since i couldnt return them after opening, i just bought a power kit for Logic. so far it performs better then "21 century" and is alot easier to draw. their flavor is like a bland vanilla with/without menthol. but it hits like a cig so im not complaining. i just hope i dont run into problems i keep hearing with batteries being stuck on power on, or any of that matter.

  13. I just buy ejuice and refill the rechargeable logics that I already have. Which is btw the reason I'm here looking around...
    Does anyone know which ejuice out there is the closest in taste to Logic Ecig? (Non menthol)
    Oh yeah, I haven't touch a real cig since oct 2012. I like the logic because its small like a cig. I don't care for those huge vaporizers. I think the big ones are a fad but not the ones that imitate an actual